Hi, it’s nice to meet you.

I’m Michael Oziel, and I’ll be your primary instructor for most of these courses.
I work as a Project Manager for a Commercial Flooring company in the Seattle area and enjoy coming up with solutions to solve issues that come up in the field.
I am a certified Scuba Diver and have been since 2007. I have over 12 Specialty Certifications including Drift Diving, Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Search & Recovery, Underwater Photography, and Using DPV’s (dive propulsion vehicles) and I hold a Master Diver Accreditation.
When I first got my certification in Search & Recovery back in 2007, I was introduced to the Emergency First Response organization (EFR owned by PADI), I needed to update my CPR certification as it was a requirement for taking the course, I was told about EFR’s CPR courses. The instructor came to the dive center on the same night as I had a class and made it really easy, it was very thorough and it took a fraction of the time as the traditional courses I had taken in the past. I had so much fun getting my certification card that I decided I needed to introduce more people to this method of teaching. I decided I should go through the Instructor program to be an instructor and I have been certified to teach ever since.
I also like to get out and golf when I can, and I do photography above and below the surface. I am available most nights and weekends with a flexible schedule that can accommodate day classes with advance scheduling.
You can reach me at 206-552-9221 or email me at [email protected]
That’s me on the left with a few dive buddies enjoying a nice casual dive at the Maury Island Marine Park. We created an underwater site map with depths, attractions, and emergency contact information for local hospitals in case there was a need, encouraging fun and a safe dive.

On the dive boat looking West from the East piers of the Tacoma narrows bridge just prior to jumping in for one of the best drift dives around.